Welcome to the Mardan and Mirboo North Landcare Group Inc..

Thoughts still relevant in 2021!

Volunteering with Landcare

It's not only people that need help. And in helping others, we help oursleves.

Our local people need support!

Support our local merchants and farmers with your business. In times like these, it's not just price that matters, it's keeping our local community sustained - and we all have a part to play.

Courage and Imagination

If you think we have limited time to effect the changes we need to pass on this planet in any state of "normal" then you know what this means.


“Teams that work in a spirit of active cooperation and commitment will always outperform groups of individuals working only in loose association".

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We are a small, family focused group of local residents and land owners with a common interest in the wellbeing of our local area and particularly the health of our fauna and flora and their role in farming and our lifestyles.

We are a fully accredited Landcare Group with LVI and we are also paid-up member of the South Gippsland Landcare Network, our regional group, existing to tackle larger scale, whole of landscape projects. You can visit their website here. They also have a Facebook page and a forum there for questions and advice. You can visit that site here.

To become a member is a simple process. We have a single annual fee of $33 ($30+$3 GST) whether you are a single member or a family. You get a vote each at our meetings. We are an incorporated association within the meaning of the Act and as such, governed by a formal set of Rules. You can read them here. You cannot be a member unless you agree to abide by our Rules.

We undertake projects our members agree to initiate and sustain. We also seek funding for these projects if that is required. Nothing gets done without the participation of members in all stages of a project life cycle. You can see our current activities here. You can revel in our past glories here.

The group has conducted quite a number of projects over its relatively short existence. In 2012 to 2016, the group was heavily involved in the South Gippsland Landcare Network (SGLN) project for the Friends of Strzelecki Koala (FOSK) – Habitat for Life Project 2012-16.  This was funded from the Communities for Nature Program grants. If you want to see a summary of the project, you can read this article.

Today, the group is an Incorporated Association (done in 2019) and is capable now of entering into contracts in its own right and seeking grants on the same basis. The Mardan-Mirboo North Landcare Group is now also able to auspice other, once separate groups doing environmental work. Once such group that has joined the Mardan-Mirboo North Landcare Group is the Friends of Bath Road Reserve. Led by our very own Viki Sinclair, the group has been operating for a long time in the Mirboo North community, but now finds its home within the Mardan-Mirboo North Landcare Group. Check out their doings on the Baths Road page.

You can also go straight to the Friends of Baths Road Gallery

The MMNLG is not bound by the Australian or Victorian Privacy Act - but we do operate using its principles for the treatment of your personal data. We DO NOT on-sell or divulge your personal data unless required to by law or unless it is for legitimate MMNLG business operations, as allowed for in the Associations Reform Act 2012.